About Us

The true North way was born from the idea of being able to make a statement.

In 2018 co-founder Tom jumped at the opportunity to work with his father and moved from Nebraska to Florida to launch a custom woodworking and guitar business. While experimenting with new equipment at their shop, Tom had the idea to create a custom ‘piece’ to showcase what was possible with all the tools, software and equipment at his fingertips. In early 2019, the first ‘plank’ was born, a machined piece of wood connected to a hat with glue and magnets.

Later in 2019, while on a trip to Chicago to celebrate his friend, Ryan’s 40th birthday, Tom gifted Ryan a hat with couple custom pieces…Ryan knew right then and there Tom was onto something and this idea needed to be shared.

Soon after their trip, in January of 2020 Tom and Ryan teamed up to form the true North way, but in life, most good things do not come easy, they are forged from hard work, adversity and failure. The true North way is no different…

One seemingly 'simple' idea has led to years of research, testing and development. Through collaboration and innovation we utilized technology across multiple industries to create the true North hat. After much trial and error, we built a hat that not only looks great but will also stand the test of time.

From day 1, we committed to building a quality product that you would be proud to wear. We made a promise to prioritize comfort, style, and quality above everything else. Great care was taken when selecting the raw materials to incorporate into our final product. We sourced the best equipment we could get our hands on. Many long days and sleepless night were spent testing hats and sourcing the best wood so it would perform to our standards.

We combine computer aided drafting software, CNC machining, guitar bending technology, industrial-grade hat presses, custom screen printing and specialized high-temp neodymium magnets to create the most unique and versatile hat on the market. We set the bar high and did not compromise. As a result, to our knowledge, this is the most innovative hat ever created. 

 Celebrate what drives, inspires and motivates you. Honor your journey and do it your way!